House of Blues - Jam Night

Sammy OwenTuesday 3rd August 2021


8:00pm - 9:00pm: LIVE STREAMING EVENT on Facebook:

The MBAS 'House of Blues' remains closed to the public while limited attendance at the club due to COVID restrictions prohibits viable audience numbers. However, please join us for a LIVE STREAM, direct from the MBAS clubhouse! So you can all still enjoy great live blues as it happens, from the comfort of your own space.
This FREE event will be live streamed on the MBAS Facebook page - tune in at this link on Tuesday 3rd August at 8:00pm:
NOTE: The feature act are performing for live stream viewing only. We hope to be able to return to our usual Tuesday night format soon!
In the meantime, a 'TIP JAR' has been setup to support the MBAS and feature act - all contributions much appreciated, thank you:  paypalme/MBASTIPS
SAMMY OWEN BLUES BAND featuring a new line up headed by the incomparable Sammy Owen on vocals and guitar, now injects even more fuel to the fire with Lefty Mick Landells on bass, Jesse Psycho Bates on drums and Rasta Tom on keys. A give-all approach to the live shows with electricity and intensity, hard hitting, toes over the edge, original style, driving blues and a fresh approach to original songs.
Photo credit: Sean Clohesy

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